Pinacoteca Vaticana
Also known as Vatican Art Gallery
Holy See (Vatican City State) (Vatican City)
Pinacoteca Vaticana
00120, Vatican City
Top artists in the collection:

RaphaelItalian, 1483-1520 (High Renaissance)8 artworks
Melozzo da ForlìItalian, 1438-1494 (Early Renaissance)8 artworks
GiottoItalian, 1266-13376 artworks
Fra AngelicoItalian, 1395-1455 (Early Renaissance)4 artworks
Sano di PietroItalian, 1406-14814 artworks
Gentile da FabrianoItalian, 1370-14274 artworks
Mariotto di NardoItalian, 1394-14243 artworks
Guido ReniItalian, 1575-1642 (Baroque)2 artworks
Giovanni di PaoloItalian, 1403-1482 (Early Renaissance)2 artworks
Paolo VeroneseItalian, 1528-1588 (Mannerism)2 artworks
Federico BarocciItalian, 1535-1612 (Mannerism)2 artworks

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