Bradford Art Galleries and Museums
England (Bradford)
Top artists in the collection:

Ambrose McEvoy1878-192724 artworks
William RothensteinEnglish, 1872-194514 artworks
Marie-Louise Roosevelt Pierrepont1889-19849 artworks
James Arundel1875-19606 artworks
Henry la ThangueEnglish, 1859-19296 artworks
Edwin EllisEnglish, 1842-18954 artworks
Frank Bradshaw1884-19694 artworks
Isaac Faulkner Bird1803-18844 artworks
Sir George Clausen, R.A., R.W.S., R.I.English, 1852-19443 artworks
Henry DawsonEnglish, 1811-18783 artworks
Herbert Davis Richter1874-19552 artworks

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