Gibbes Museum of Art
United States (Charleston, South Carolina)
Top artists in the collection:

Alfred HuttyAmerican, 1878-19546 artworks
Thomas CoramAmerican, 1756-18115 artworks
Alice Ravenel Huger SmithAmerican, 1876-19583 artworks
Middleton ManigaultAmerican, 1887-19222 artworks
Lowell Birge HarrisonAmerican, 1854-19292 artworks
Charles FraserAmerican, 1782-18602 artworks
Edmund TarbellAmerican, 1862-1938 (Impressionist)1 artworks
Rembrandt PealeAmerican, 1778-18601 artworks
Robert HenriAmerican, 1865-1925 (Ashcan)1 artworks
Thomas WhightmanAmerican, 1811-18881 artworks
Edwin HarlestonAmerican, 1882-19311 artworks

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