The Century Association
United States (New York City, New York)
7 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036, USA
Top artists in the collection:

John La FargeAmerican, 1835-19102 artworks
Asher Brown DurandAmerican, 1796-1886 (Hudson River School)1 artworks
Thomas Worthington WhittredgeAmerican, 1820-1910 (Hudson River School)1 artworks
Albert BierstadtAmerican, 1830-1902 (Hudson River School)1 artworks
Frederic Edwin ChurchAmerican, 1826-1900 (Hudson River School)1 artworks
Walter ShirlawAmerican, 1838-19091 artworks
Christopher Pearse CranchAmerican, 1813-18921 artworks
Jasper Francis CropseyAmerican, 1823-1900 (Hudson River School)1 artworks
James Carroll BeckwithAmerican, 1852-19171 artworks
Louis Remy MignotAmerican, 1831-18701 artworks
Edward Lamson HenryAmerican, 1841-19191 artworks

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