National Portrait Gallery - Washington DC
United States (Washington, DC)
National Portrait Gallery
Eighth and F Streets NW, Washington, D.C., DC 20001, USA
Top artists in the collection:

Rembrandt PealeAmerican, 1778-186010 artworks
George Peter Alexander HealyAmerican, 1808-18945 artworks
Charles Willson PealeAmerican, 1741-18274 artworks
Gilbert StuartAmerican, 1755-18283 artworks
Anders ZornSwedish, 1860-19203 artworks
Christian SchusseleGerman, 1824-18792 artworks
Cecilia BeauxAmerican, 1855-19422 artworks
John Singer SargentAmerican, 1856-1925 (Impressionist)2 artworks
Douglas Granville ChandorAmerican, 1897-19532 artworks
Thomas HicksAmerican, 1823-18901 artworks
Samuel DrummondEnglish, 1765-18441 artworks

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2007 - Great Britons1 item