Galleria Palatina - Palazzo Pitti
Also known as Pitti Palace Museum
Italy (Florence)
Pitti Palace
Palazzo Pitti, 1, 50125 Florence, Italy
Top artists in the collection:

TitianItalian, 1488-1576 (High Renaissance)12 artworks
RaphaelItalian, 1483-1520 (High Renaissance)11 artworks
Telemaco SignoriniItalian, 1835-19019 artworks
Frans Pourbus the YoungerBelgian, 1569-16227 artworks
Pietro da CortonaItalian, 1596-1669 (Baroque)7 artworks
Giovanna GarzoniItalian, 1600-1670 (Baroque)6 artworks
Cristofano AlloriItalian, 1577-16215 artworks
Carlo DolciItalian, 1616-1686 (Baroque)5 artworks
Paolo VeroneseItalian, 1528-1588 (Mannerism)4 artworks
Giovanni FattoriItalian, 1825-1908 (Realist)4 artworks
Andrea del SartoItalian, 1486-1530 (High Renaissance)4 artworks

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