Gilcrease Museum
United States (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Top artists in the collection:

George CatlinAmerican, 1796-187250 artworks
Thomas MoranAmerican, 1837-1926 (Hudson River School)21 artworks
Charles Marion RussellAmerican, 1864-192615 artworks
Frederic RemingtonAmerican, 1861-190915 artworks
Thomas HillEnglish, 1829-1908 (Hudson River School)4 artworks
Jules TavernierAmerican, 1844-18894 artworks
Alfred Jacob MillerAmerican, 1810-18743 artworks
William Tylee RanneyAmerican, 1813-18573 artworks
Charles SchreyvogelAmerican, 1861-19122 artworks
George Henry DurrieAmerican, 1820-18632 artworks
Walter UferAmerican, 1876-19362 artworks

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