Musée de l'Armée
Also known as Army Museum
France (Paris)
The Army Museum
129 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris, France
Top artists in the collection:

Henri-François RiesenerFrench, 1767-18282 artworks
Antoine-Jean GrosFrench, 1771-1835 (Neoclassicist)1 artworks
Maximilien LuceFrench, 1858-1941 (Pointilist)1 artworks
Felix VallottonSwiss, 1865-1925 (Nabi)1 artworks
Hyacinthe RigaudFrench, 1659-1743 (Classicist)1 artworks
Laurent de La HyreFrench, 1606-1656 (Baroque)1 artworks
Angelica KauffmannSwiss, 1741-1807 (Neoclassicist)1 artworks
Jean-Auguste-Dominique IngresFrench, 1780-1867 (Neoclassicist)1 artworks

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