Albany Institute of History and Art
United States (Albany)
Albany Institute of History & Art
125 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12210, USA
Top artists in the collection:

Thomas ColeEnglish, 1801-1848 (Hudson River School)7 artworks
Asher Brown DurandAmerican, 1796-1886 (Hudson River School)2 artworks
Thompkins H MattesonAmerican, 1813-18842 artworks
François GérardFrench, 1770-1837 (Neoclassicist)2 artworks
Will Hicok LowAmerican, 1853-19322 artworks
Frederic Edwin ChurchAmerican, 1826-1900 (Hudson River School)2 artworks
Robert Havell Jr.American, 1793-1878 (Hudson River School)2 artworks
Thomas Kirby Van ZandtAmerican, 1814-18861 artworks
Henry InmanAmerican, 1801-18461 artworks
Thomas ChambersEnglish, 1808-18661 artworks
John WollastonEnglish, 1710-17751 artworks

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