Dahesh Museum of Art
United States (New York, New York)
Museum web site
From the index page of the website:
"The Dahesh Museum of Art is the only museum in America dedicated to collecting and exhibiting 19th- and early 20th-century European academic art, that continued the great Classical and Renaissance traditions in the Western visual arts."
Top artists in the collection:

William BouguereauFrench, 1825-1905 (Academist)3 artworks
Jean-Léon GérômeFrench, 1824-1904 (Academist)2 artworks
John William GodwardEnglish, 1861-1922 (Academist)1 artworks
Charles Daniel Ward1872-19351 artworks
John William WaterhouseEnglish, 1849-1917 (Academist)1 artworks
Jean-Achille BenouvilleFrench, 1815-18911 artworks
Henri Pierre PicouFrench, 1824-1895 (Academist)1 artworks
François Joseph NavezBelgian, 1787-18691 artworks
Sir John GilbertEnglish, 1817-18971 artworks
Jules Joseph LefebvreFrench, 1836-1911 (Academist)1 artworks
François-Xavier FabreFrench, 1766-1837 (Neoclassicist)1 artworks

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