Museum voor Schone Kunsten - Ghent
Also known as Ghent Museum of Fine Arts and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Gand
Belgium (Ghent)
Fernand Scribedreef 1
9000 Ghent, Belgium
Top artists in the collection:

Theo van RysselbergheBelgian, 1862-1926 (Pointilist)8 artworks
James EnsorBelgian, 1860-19496 artworks
Emil ClausBelgian, 1849-19245 artworks
Cornelis Norbertus GysbrechtsBelgian, 1630-1683 (Baroque)3 artworks
François Joseph NavezBelgian, 1787-18692 artworks
Hieronymus BoschDutch, 1450-1516 (Early Netherlandish)2 artworks
Jacob JordaensBelgian, 1593-1678 (Baroque)2 artworks
Eugène FromentinFrench, 1820-18762 artworks
Jacopo TintorettoItalian, 1518-1594 (Mannerism)1 artworks
Frits Van den BergheBelgian, 1883-19391 artworks
Fernand KhnopffBelgian, 1858-1921 (Symbolist)1 artworks

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