Musée d'Art et d'Histoire - Geneva
Switzerland (Geneva)
Top artists in the collection:

Carlos SchwabeGerman, 1866-1926 (Symbolist)11 artworks
Jean-Étienne LiotardSwiss, 1702-1789 (Rococo)7 artworks
Alice BaillySwiss, 1872-1938 (Expressionist)7 artworks
Jean-Baptiste-Camille CorotFrench, 1796-1875 (Barbizon)6 artworks
Felix VallottonSwiss, 1865-1925 (Nabi)2 artworks
Alfred SisleyFrench, 1839-1899 (Impressionist)1 artworks
Pierre BonnardFrench, 1867-1947 (Nabi)1 artworks
Ferdinand HodlerSwiss, 1853-19181 artworks
Eugène-Louis BoudinFrench, 1824-1898 (Impressionist)1 artworks
Louis Boullogne the ElderFrench, 1609-1674 (Baroque)1 artworks
Leopold RobertSwiss, 1794-18351 artworks

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