Galleria degli Uffizi - Florence
Italy (Florence)
Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6, 50122 Florence, Italy
Top artists in the collection:

Sandro BotticelliItalian, 1445-1510 (Early Renaissance)32 artworks
Agnolo BronzinoItalian, 1503-1572 (Mannerism)27 artworks
Andrea MantegnaItalian, 1431-1506 (Early Renaissance)11 artworks
Filippino LippiItalian, 1457-1504 (Renaissance)10 artworks
Fra Filippo LippiItalian, 1406-1469 (Early Renaissance)10 artworks
Giovanni BelliniItalian, 1430-1516 (Early Renaissance)8 artworks
Albrecht DürerGerman, 1471-1528 (Northern Renaissance)8 artworks
Piero PollaiuoloItalian, 1441-1496 (Early Renaissance)8 artworks
Domenico GhirlandaioItalian, 1449-1494 (Early Renaissance)8 artworks
TitianItalian, 1485-1576 (High Renaissance)7 artworks
Pietro PeruginoItalian, 1445-1523 (Renaissance)7 artworks

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