Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe
Also known as Karlsruhe State Art Gallery
Germany (Karlsruhe)
Hans-Thoma-Straße 2
76133 Karlsruhe, Germany
Top artists in the collection:

Albrecht DürerGerman, 1471-1528 (Northern Renaissance)25 artworks
Wilhelm TrübnerGerman, 1851-1917 (Realist)8 artworks
Hans ThomaGerman, 1839-1924 (Academist)6 artworks
Jean-Baptiste-Simeon ChardinFrench, 1699-17794 artworks
François BoucherFrench, 1703-1770 (Rococo)4 artworks
Franz MarcGerman, 1880-1916 (Blaue Reiter)3 artworks
Hans Baldung GrienGerman, 1484-1545 (Northern Renaissance)3 artworks
Lovis CorinthGerman, 1858-1925 (Expressionist)3 artworks
Matthias GrunewaldGerman, 1470-1528 (Northern Renaissance)2 artworks
Anselm FeuerbachGerman, 1829-18802 artworks
Adolph von MenzelGerman, 1815-1905 (Realist)2 artworks

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