Minneapolis Institute of Arts
United States (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Top artists in the collection:

Jules DupréFrench, 1811-1889 (Barbizon)4 artworks
Sir Joshua ReynoldsEnglish, 1723-17924 artworks
Claude Oscar MonetFrench, 1840-1926 (Impressionist)4 artworks
Paul GauguinFrench, 1848-1903 (Post-Impressionist)3 artworks
Jean-Baptiste-Camille CorotFrench, 1796-1875 (Barbizon)3 artworks
Pompeo BatoniItalian, 1708-1787 (Neoclassicist)3 artworks
François BoucherFrench, 1703-1770 (Rococo)2 artworks
Jean Frederic BazilleFrench, 1841-1870 (Impressionist)2 artworks
Joseph Wright of DerbyEnglish, 1734-17972 artworks
Eva GonzalesFrench, 1849-1883 (Impressionist)2 artworks
Juan GrisSpanish, 1887-1927 (Cubist)2 artworks

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