Château de Versailles
Also known as Versailles Palace
France (Versailles, Greater Paris)
Château de Versailles
Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles, France
Top artists in the collection:

Charles Le BrunFrench, 1619-1690 (Baroque)71 artworks
René-Antoine HouasseFrench, 1645-1710 (Baroque)32 artworks
Noël Coypel IFrench, 1628-1707 (Baroque)22 artworks
Élisabeth Vigée-LebrunFrench, 1755-184214 artworks
Jean-Marc NattierFrench, 1685-1766 (Rococo)14 artworks
Charles-Joseph NatoireFrench, 1700-1777 (Rococo)13 artworks
Robert LefevreFrench, 1755-1830 (Neoclassicist)13 artworks
Franz Xavier WinterhalterGerman, 1805-187312 artworks
François-Hubert DrouaisFrench, 1727-1775 (Rococo)11 artworks
Pierre GobertFrench, 1662-174410 artworks
Jacques-Louis DavidFrench, 1748-1825 (Neoclassicist)10 artworks

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