Omsk Museum of Fine Arts
Russian Federation (Omsk)
Omsk Oblast, Russia, 644024
Top artists in the collection:

Alexei JawlenskyRussian, 1864-1941 (Blaue Reiter)5 artworks
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich KiselevRussian, 1838-19112 artworks
Valery YakobiRussian, 1834-19021 artworks
Ivan WeltzRussian, 1866-19261 artworks
Vladimir OrlovskyRussian, 1842-19141 artworks
Nikolai Vasilevich NevrevRussian, 1830-19041 artworks
Nicolai Vasilevich DosekinRussian, 1863-19351 artworks
Alexander BenoisRussian, 1870-19601 artworks

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