A. A. Bakhrushin State Theatrical Museum
Russian Federation (Moscow)
Top artists in the collection:

Boris Mikhailovich KustodievRussian, 1878-192713 artworks
Apollinari VasnetsovRussian, 1856-19334 artworks
Nikolai SapunovRussian, 1880-19124 artworks
Savely SorineRussian, 1878-19532 artworks
Stanislav ZhukovskyRussian, 1873-19441 artworks
Andrei Adamovitsi RollerGerman, 1805-18911 artworks
Konstantin SomovRussian, 1869-19391 artworks
Boris AnisfeldRussian, 1878-19731 artworks
Nikolai KharitonovRussian, 1880-19441 artworks
Orest KiprenskyRussian, 1778-1836 (Romantic)1 artworks

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