Groeninge Museum - Brugge
Belgium (Bruges)
Top artists in the collection:

Pieter PourbusBelgian, 1523-1584 (Northern Renaissance)6 artworks
Jacob van Oost the ElderBelgian, 1603-1671 (Baroque)5 artworks
Jan ProvoostDutch, 1462-15295 artworks
Frans Pourbus the YoungerBelgian, 1569-16224 artworks
Ambrosius BensonBelgian, 1484-1550 (Northern Renaissance)3 artworks
Jan van EyckDutch, 1393-1441 (Early Netherlandish)3 artworks
Petrus ChristusDutch, 1425-1475 (Early Netherlandish)3 artworks
Master of the Legend of Saint LucyBelgian, 1475-15053 artworks
Hieronymus BoschDutch, 1450-1516 (Early Netherlandish)2 artworks
Adriaen IsenbrandtBelgian, 1485-1551 (Northern Renaissance)2 artworks
Joseph-Benoit SuvéeBelgian, 1743-1807 (Neoclassicist)2 artworks

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