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United Kingdom (London)
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The Tate is comprised of multiple galleries on four sites throughout Britain. Tate Britain, located in London, was founded in 1897, and houses the national collection of British art from the sixteenth century to the present.
Tate House
27 Manse Road, London, Greater London N16 7QH, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Joseph Mallord William TurnerEnglish, 1775-1851 (Romantic)410 artworks
John ConstableEnglish, 1776-1837 (Romantic)52 artworks
Henry Moore OM.English, 1898-198638 artworks
John Singer SargentAmerican, 1856-1925 (Impressionist)38 artworks
Walter Richard SickertGerman, 1860-1942 (Post-Impressionist)37 artworks
Philip Wilson Steer1860-194231 artworks
Thomas GainsboroughEnglish, 1727-178830 artworks
William BlakeEnglish, 1757-1827 (Romantic)29 artworks
Dante Gabriel RossettiEnglish, 1828-1882 (Pre-Raphaelite)27 artworks
Ford Madox BrownEnglish, 1821-1893 (Pre-Raphaelite)20 artworks
William HogarthEnglish, 1697-1764 (Rococo)19 artworks

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2012 - Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde43 items