Destroyed in World War II
Top artists in the collection:

Charles-Amédée-Philippe Van LooFrench, 1719-1795 (Rococo)4 artworks
CaravaggioItalian, 1571-1610 (Baroque)3 artworks
Franz MarcGerman, 1880-1916 (Blaue Reiter)2 artworks
Jacques-Antoine BeaufortFrench, 1721-1784 (Neoclassicist)1 artworks
Charles Le BrunFrench, 1619-1690 (Baroque)1 artworks
Caspar David FriedrichGerman, 1774-1840 (Romantic)1 artworks
Gustave CourbetFrench, 1819-1877 (Realist)1 artworks
Hubert RobertFrench, 1733-1808 (Veduta)1 artworks
RaphaelItalian, 1483-1520 (High Renaissance)1 artworks
Vincent van GoghDutch, 1853-1890 (Post-Impressionist)1 artworks
Ferdinand BolDutch, 1616-1680 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks

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