Statens Museum for Kunst - Copenhagen
Denmark (Copenhagen)
Statens Museum for Kunst
1307 Copenhague, Danemark
Top artists in the collection:

Christen KøbkeDanish, 1810-1848 (Romantic)72 artworks
Christoffer Wilhelm EckersbergDanish, 1783-185358 artworks
Nicolai Abraham AbildgaardDanish, 1743-180952 artworks
Johan Thomas LundbyeDanish, 1818-184830 artworks
Vilhelm HammershøiDanish, 1864-191619 artworks
Lauritz Andersen (L.A.) RingDanish, 1854-193311 artworks
Henri MatisseFrench, 1869-1954 (Expressionist)10 artworks
Michael Peter AncherDanish, 1849-1927 (Impressionist)10 artworks
Martinus RørbyeDanish, 1803-184810 artworks
Christian Albrecht JensenDanish, 1792-18707 artworks
Jens JuelDanish, 1745-18026 artworks

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