Tuscaloosa Museum of Art
United States (Tuscaloosa)
Westervelt Warner Museum
8316 Mountbatten Rd NE, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406, USA
Top artists in the collection:

Asher Brown DurandAmerican, 1796-1886 (Hudson River School)1 artworks
George de Forest BrushAmerican, 1855-19411 artworks
Edward HicksAmerican, 1780-18491 artworks
William Aiken WalkerAmerican, 1839-19211 artworks
William Sidney MountAmerican, 1807-18681 artworks
Albert HerterAmerican, 1871-19501 artworks
William Merritt ChaseAmerican, 1849-1916 (Impressionist)1 artworks
Theodore RobinsonAmerican, 1852-1896 (Impressionist)1 artworks
Sanford Robinson GiffordAmerican, 1823-1880 (Hudson River School)1 artworks
Daniel GarberAmerican, 1880-1958 (Impressionist)1 artworks
Frederic Edwin ChurchAmerican, 1826-1900 (Hudson River School)1 artworks

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