Glynn Vivian Art Collection - Swansea
United Kingdom (Swansea)
Top artists in the collection:

Sir Frank William Brangwyn1867-19562 artworks
Thomas JonesWelsh, 1742-18032 artworks
Gwen JohnWelsh, 1876-19392 artworks
Godfried SchalckenDutch, 1643-1706 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
William Callcot Knell1830-18801 artworks
Mark Gertler1891-19391 artworks
Caspar NetscherDutch, 1639-1684 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
James Bolivar Manson1879-1945 (Post-Impressionist)1 artworks
Charles Ginner1878-1952 (Post-Impressionist)1 artworks
Frederick GoodallEnglish, 1822-19041 artworks
David CoxEnglish, 1783-18591 artworks

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