Filson Historical Society
United States (Louisville, Kentucky)
Top artists in the collection:

James Thomas PoindexterAmerican, 1832-18913 artworks
Matthew Harris JouettAmerican, 1755-18283 artworks
Aaron H. CorwineAmerican, 1802-18303 artworks
John B. AlbertsAmerican, 1886-19312 artworks
Chester HardingAmerican, 1792-18662 artworks
Joseph H. BushAmerican, 1794-18652 artworks
Thomas CampbellScottish, 1790-18582 artworks
George MorrisonAmerican, 1820-18932 artworks
Ferdinand Graham WalkerAmerican, 1859-19272 artworks
Charles V. BondAmerican, 1826-18642 artworks
William E. WestAmerican, 1788-18571 artworks

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