Dordrechts Museum
Netherlands (Dordrecht)
Dordrechts Museum
Museumstraat 40, 3311 XP Dordrecht, The Netherlands
Top artists in the collection:

Nicolaes MaesDutch, 1634-1693 (Dutch Golden Age)2 artworks
Louis ApolDutch, 1850-19362 artworks
Jacobus LeveckDutch, 1634-16751 artworks
Sir Lawrence Alma-TademaDutch, 1836-1912 (Academist)1 artworks
Godfried SchalckenDutch, 1643-1706 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
Ary SchefferFrench, 1795-1858 (Romantic)1 artworks
Aert de GelderDutch, 1645-1727 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
Jacob Henricus MarisDutch, 1837-18991 artworks
Bartholomeus AssteynDutch, 1607-1770 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
Cornelis BisschopDutch, 1630-1674 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
Mihály MunkácsyHungarian, 1844-19001 artworks

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