Greenville County Museum of Art
United States (Greenville, South Carolina)
Top artists in the collection:

Edwin Ambrose WebsterAmerican, 1869-19353 artworks
Gabrielle de Veaux ClementsAmerican, 1869-19351 artworks
Patrick Henry BruceAmerican, 1881-1936 (Abstract)1 artworks
Alfred HuttyAmerican, 1878-19541 artworks
George Wesley BellowsAmerican, 1882-1925 (Ashcan)1 artworks
Charles Courtney CurranAmerican, 1861-19421 artworks
Louis Remy MignotAmerican, 1831-18701 artworks
William Tylee RanneyAmerican, 1813-18571 artworks

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