Amsterdam Museum
Netherlands (Amsterdam)
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Former name: Amsterdams Historisch Museum

Amsterdam Museum
Kalverstraat 92, 1012 PH Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Top artists in the collection:

Abraham Jansz. StorckDutch, 1644-1708 (Dutch Golden Age)2 artworks
Ludolf BakhuizenDutch, 1630-1708 (Dutch Golden Age)2 artworks
Adriaen van OstadeDutch, 1610-1685 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
Jacob Adriaensz BackerDutch, 1608-1651 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
Sir Lawrence Alma-TademaDutch, 1836-1912 (Academist)1 artworks
Abraham de VriesDutch, 1590-1655 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
Jacob Van LooDutch, 1614-1670 (Baroque)1 artworks
Gerrit Adriaenszoon BerckheydeDutch, 1638-1698 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
Willem van de Velde the YoungerDutch, 1633-1707 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
Bartolomeus van der HelstDutch, 1613-1670 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
Jan van der HeydenDutch, 1637-1712 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks

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