Bank of England - London
United Kingdom (London)
Top artists in the collection:

Michael DahlSwedish, 1659-17433 artworks
David Alison1882-19552 artworks
Augustus JohnWelsh, 1878-19612 artworks
Sir William BeecheyEnglish, 1753-18392 artworks
George RomneyEnglish, 1734-18022 artworks
William RothensteinEnglish, 1872-19452 artworks
Sir Nathaniel Dance-HollandEnglish, 1735-18111 artworks
Oswald Hornby Joseph BirleyNew Zealander, 1880-19521 artworks
Nicolaes MaesDutch, 1634-1693 (Dutch Golden Age)1 artworks
Francis Edgar DoddWelsh, 1874-19491 artworks
John HoppnerEnglish, 1758-18101 artworks

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