University of Hull Art Collection
United Kingdom (Hull)
Cottingham Road
Hull, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Norman Garstin1847-19269 artworks
Arnold Mason1885-19635 artworks
Frederick William ElwellEnglish, 1870-19585 artworks
James Bolivar Manson1879-1945 (Post-Impressionist)4 artworks
Spencer GoreEnglish, 1878-1914 (Post-Impressionist)2 artworks
Roger Eliot FryEnglish, 1866-19342 artworks
Duncan GrantEnglish, 1885-19782 artworks
Adrian Paul Allinson1890-19592 artworks
Charles Ginner1878-1952 (Post-Impressionist)2 artworks
Christopher Nevinson1889-19462 artworks
Anne Estelle RiceAmerican, 1877-19592 artworks

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