Monhegan Museum
United States (Monhegan Island, Maine)
Top artists in the collection:

Samuel P. R. TriscottAmerican, 1846-19257 artworks
Jay Hall ConnawayAmerican, 1893-19704 artworks
Alice A. SwettAmerican, 1846-19164 artworks
Abraham J. BogdanoveRussian, 1886-19463 artworks
Eric HudsonAmerican, 1864-19323 artworks
Andrew WinterAmerican, 1892-19583 artworks
Emil HolzhauerGerman, 1887-19863 artworks
John McPhersonAmerican, 1885-19712 artworks
Wilson IrvineAmerican, 1869-1936 (Impressionist)2 artworks
Sarah Freedman McPhersonAmerican, 1894-19782 artworks
George Wesley BellowsAmerican, 1882-1925 (Ashcan)2 artworks

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