Tretyakov Gallery - Moscow
Russian Federation (Moscow)
The State Tretyakov Gallery
Lavrushinskiy pereulok, 10, Moscou, Russie, 119017
Top artists in the collection:

Ilia Efimovich RepinRussian, 1844-1930 (Peredvizhniki)78 artworks
Constantin Alexeevich KorovinRussian, 1861-193966 artworks
Isaac LevitanRussian, 1860-1900 (Peredvizhniki)59 artworks
Karl Pavlovich BrulloffRussian, 1799-1852 (Romantic)53 artworks
Valentin SerovRussian, 1865-1911 (Impressionist)52 artworks
Boris Mikhailovich KustodievRussian, 1878-192748 artworks
Nikolai KrymovRussian, 1884-195841 artworks
Igor GrabarRussian, 1871-196038 artworks
Viktor Elpidiforovich Borisov-MusatovRussian, 1870-190535 artworks
Stanislav ZhukovskyRussian, 1873-194434 artworks
Ivan Ivanovich ShishkinRussian, 1832-1898 (Peredvizhniki)31 artworks

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