Lady Lever Art Gallery - Liverpool
United Kingdom (Port Sunlight)
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From the home page: "William Hesketh Lever established the gallery to enrich the cultural and educational aspects of the lives of his workforce and the public at large. The Lady Lever Art Gallery was opened in 1922 by Princess Beatrice (youngest daughter of Queen Victoria). It is probably the best surviving example of late Victorian and Edwardian taste and remains the only major public urban gallery built by its founder to house the collection he had assembled for it."
Port Sunlight
Lady Lever Art Gallery (SE-bound, Hail and ride), Birkenhead, Merseyside CH62, UK
Top artists in the collection:

William EttyEnglish, 1787-18499 artworks
Sir Frederic Lord LeightonEnglish, 1830-1896 (Pre-Raphaelite)8 artworks
Sir John Everett MillaisEnglish, 1829-1896 (Pre-Raphaelite)6 artworks
Joseph Mallord William TurnerEnglish, 1775-1851 (Romantic)4 artworks
George Morland1763-18044 artworks
John HoppnerEnglish, 1758-18104 artworks
William Holman HuntEnglish, 1827-1910 (Pre-Raphaelite)3 artworks
Sir Edward Burne-JonesEnglish, 1833-1898 (Pre-Raphaelite)3 artworks
John LinnellEnglish, 1792-18823 artworks
George Dunlop Leslie1835-19213 artworks
Sir Lawrence Alma-TademaDutch, 1836-1912 (Academist)3 artworks

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