Southampton City Art Gallery
United Kingdom (Southampton)
Civic Centre Road
Southampton SO14, UK
Top artists in the collection:

Frederick Lee Bridell1831-186319 artworks
Duncan GrantEnglish, 1885-19786 artworks
Malcolm DrummondEnglish, 1880-1945 (Post-Impressionist)6 artworks
Arthur Batt1846-19114 artworks
David BombergEnglish, 1890-19574 artworks
Walter Richard SickertGerman, 1860-1942 (Post-Impressionist)4 artworks
Thomas Barker1769-18474 artworks
Maxwell Ashby Armfield1881-19724 artworks
Sir John Lavery, R.A.Irish, 1856-19414 artworks
Mark Gertler1891-19394 artworks
Charles Ginner1878-1952 (Post-Impressionist)4 artworks

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