Fleming Collection - London
United Kingdom (London)
Top artists in the collection:

Francis Campbell Bolleau (F.C.B.) CadellScottish, 1883-19375 artworks
Sir David Young Cameron, RAScottish, 1865-19454 artworks
Joseph FarquharsonScottish, 1846-19353 artworks
Samuel BoughEnglish, 1822-18782 artworks
Samuel John PeploeScottish, 1871-19351 artworks
Muirhead BoneScottish, 1876-19531 artworks
John Watson NicolEnglish, 1856-19261 artworks
Maurice William GreiffenhagenEnglish, 1862-19311 artworks
Henry John Lintott1877-19651 artworks
Charles Oppenheimer1875-19611 artworks
Robert BroughScottish, 1872-19051 artworks

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