Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
United States (Philadelphia)
Pennsylvania Academy Of The Fine Arts
118 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA
Top artists in the collection:

Thomas P. AnshutzAmerican, 1851-191240 artworks
Cecilia BeauxAmerican, 1855-194221 artworks
William Merritt ChaseAmerican, 1849-1916 (Impressionist)7 artworks
Horace PippinAmerican, 1888-19467 artworks
Daniel GarberAmerican, 1880-1958 (Impressionist)7 artworks
Thomas SullyEnglish, 1783-18725 artworks
Gilbert StuartAmerican, 1755-18284 artworks
Winslow HomerAmerican, 1836-1910 (Realist)3 artworks
Rembrandt PealeAmerican, 1778-18603 artworks
James PealeAmerican, 1749-18313 artworks
Robert VonnohAmerican, 1858-1933 (Impressionist)2 artworks

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